Recent Election in Cuba Makes History

Written by Sophia Bass

If you're traveling to Cuba in 2018, you may want to learn about the recent election that occurred on March 11th. For the first time in history, Cuba vote opened a final chapter of the Castro era. This is the first time in nearly 60 years that a member of the Castro family will no longer be in charge of office. As President Raul Castro will be stepping down in April of 2018, this election marks a critical time in history for Cuba as a nation. President Raul Castro will continue as the head of the Communist Party after stepping down from office.

"They're the most important elections of recent years, because we are going to vote for new people who will govern from then on," day-care center guardian Ramon Perez told AFP news agency in
Minute by minute: General elections in Cuba (II).

Thanks to special polling stations, every Cuban eligible to vote was able to participate in the voting process wherever they were in the national territory on March 11th. People voted in cities from Havana, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, to Santiago de Cuba. According to Minute by minute: General elections in Cuba (II), the official number of individuals registered to vote was 8,740,569.

As Cuba endured significant changes during the Castro era, this shift in political power for Cuba will transform the social landscape of Cuban society. One woman in Minute by minute: General elections in Cuba (II) stated, "I believe the Cuban electoral system is democratic because we have the opportunity to elect people who will represent us." This free and transparent process for Cuban society is extraordinary for the nation's future. It is remarkable to hear about how Cuban youth mobilized to take action in this political process. It will be fascinating to learn about the results from the 2018 election.

It has never been a more exciting time to visit Cuba. If you want to learn more about trip dates and itineraries, check out our website for details.


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