Cuba's Food Scene is Exploding

Written by Sophia Bass

Cuba has not been historically known for its food scene, but this has rapidly changed in the last decade. Havana’s food scene has become widespread and is attracting travelers from all regions of the world. With nearly 2,000 private restaurants in Havana, visitors in Cuba can enjoy a variety of cuisine from Italian to Vietnamese.

When Fidel Castro’s brother, Raul, took control of the government, there began a shift in the restaurant industry. He increased the amount of chairs from 12 to 50 in restaurants and issued new licenses. This started the transformation of Havana’s food scene. The re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba in during Obama’s presidency in 2015 additionally influenced the restaurant scene in Cuba.

Today, travelers who visit Cuba can enjoy a filet mignon, shrimp risotto, or a grilled seafood platter with lobster tail. Cubans who travel to Europe, Florida, and Mexico are bringing back foreign flavors and incorporating them into their cuisine.

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