The 10 Most Beautiful Spots in Cuba

For travelers interested in going to Cuba, here are 10 beautiful places you can’t miss when visiting this historic Caribbean Island.

Old Havana, also known as Habana Vieja, is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, preserving some of Cuba’s richest history. You will not be disappointed roaming Havana’s cobblestone streets, while being serenaded by street musicians of all kinds. For many, Havana is the highlight of Cuba.

Baracoa, founded in 1511, is the oldest city in the Caribbean nation. With incredible views of the sea, this town is known for its breathtaking views and hike on Yunque, a mountain famous for its flat top at 589 meters high.

Trinidad, a well preserved colonial town in Cuba is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Known for it’s impressive Spanish-colonial buildings, you can enjoy Playa Ancon, a beach on the southern coast, and enjoy a meal on the rooftop of a historic restaurant in the evening.

Playa Paraiso, a paradise beach, is breathtaking. Located on Caya Largo del Sur, this is a great place to decompress and perfect for beach lounging.

Cienfuegos is a city full of European style architecture. Often known as the Paris of Cuba, this town has French influences in its customs and style.

Valle de Viñales sits in the Sirra de Los Organos mountain range. Explore limestone cliffs, traditional tobacco farms, and Cuban countryside in this beautiful UNESCO Site.

Alejandro de Humboldt National Park is one of the most biologically diverse tropical island sites on the planet. Discover varied plants, specifies, and animal life at this UNESCO Site on the northern coast of eastern Cuba.

Peninsula de Zapata is an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and home to around 150 species of birds, including rare bandicoots, waterhens, parrots, and much more.

Caya Coco is a rural beach famous for appearing in Hemingway’s novels, Islands in the Stream and Old Man and the Sea. Enjoy stunning views of the ocean on the Jardines del Rey archipelago island.

The Malecón is a 7 kilometer walk along the sea wall that offers popular views of the sea from Havana. It’s a great place to watch Cuban dancers or listen to musicians at night.


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