Cuba's Car Scene in 2017

Me in a vintage Chevy in Old Havana 

Written by Sophia Bass

For decades, Cuba has been home to 1950’s American classic vintage cars. As Cuba has had restrictions on new car imports under the Castro regime, the Caribbean nation has preserved classic cars while incorporating them into their daily culture. In a country where the average Cuban makes $20 a month, a new car would not be a realistic goal for most Cubans. If you visit Cuba, you will notice a wide array of cars and colors throughout Havana, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, and all throughout the countryside. An estimated 60,000 pre-1959 American cars are still driving the Cuban streets. An easing of the U.S. embargo could have dramatic impacts on car-scene throughout Cuba.

Journalist, Jonathon Harper, traveled to Cuba in recent years and noticed that the majority of cars in Cuba fit in about five categories. “Original American classics, non-originiae American classics, Russian cars and trucks, newer Chinese/Korean/Japanese vehicles, and European cars,” states Harper. As a tourist in Havana, you will see brightly colored Cadillacs, Chevys, Dodges, Buicks, and Fords that came out Detroit 50 years ago. Cubans take pride in their cars, and maintain quality care of their vehicles.

Despite recent political changes throughout Cuba, many believe that original American classics will remain part of Cuba’s automotive workforce. Cars have become such an integral part of Cuba’s identity that visitors want to see and experience Cuba’s vintage car scene.

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Cuba’s Car Scene in 2017


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