Art and Fashion in Old Havana

Written by Sophia Bass

Fashion and art trends are becoming more widespread throughout Cuba. When President Obama opened the doors to Cuba in 2016, floodgates of Americans began traveling to Cuba bringing clothing styles from New York, L.A., and Miami into Havana. If you walk around the Malecon, this is evident as men, women, and children are wearing sportswear and accessory brands from international clothing companies.

When I was in Havana this summer, I asked several individuals about the shifting culture around fashion and art. Many Cubans expressed that graphic design is becoming more popular. Artists are wanting to incorporate their designs into clothing. Women throughout Havana are finding ways to intertwine their local art into products, such as handbags, jewelry, shirts, and hats.

When walking around Old Havana on Calle Obispo, I noticed a small artisan market tucked between two old Spanish style buildings. Calle Obispo is known for its buzzing nightlife, music, art, and cuisine. Artisans sold jewelry, leather bags, handwoven baskets, shoes, and textiles. It was a great place to buy gifts for family and friends, while supporting local artists. I highly recommend walking the streets of Obispo when you are in Old Havana.

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