Cuba is for Artists and Musicians

Written by Sophia Bass

Traveling to Cuba in 2017 was an experience I will never forget. As a musician who was born and raised listening to the sounds of Latin beats and Spanish melodies, I was in awe of the talent of the Cuban people.

The diverse flavors and colors stemming from African and Spanish cultures create complex artwork and music that has become known to countries around the world. In Cuba, Spanish-European and African communities live peacefully among each other writing powerful music and painting beautiful masterpieces that highlight the hardships of the Cuban people.

After visiting Trinidad, Cuba, I was so inspired by the vibrant colorful colonial homes that I decided to paint my impression of the town. The cobblestone streets and brilliant sunsets portray the feeling of Trinidad at dusk. I can only imagine the inspiration artists have gained from this colorful colonial town over the last few centuries.

Walking around the old Spanish colonial town of Trinidad or Old Havana, you can find yourself immersed in galleries exploring sculpture, paintings, and handmade instruments. On every corner, you may find joy in local music. The Cuban people take pride in singing and will serenade folks from sunrise to sunset.

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