Escambray Mountains

Written by Sophia Bass

When thinking of Cuba, breathtaking beaches, elaborate Afro-Cuban dancing, and Spanish music usually come to mind. Folks who have not been to Cuba don’t usually think of it being known for it’s gorgeous mountainous region. When I traveled to Cuba last summer, I was in awe of the Escambray Mountains that begin before entering the old Spanish colonial town of Trinidad.

The countryside of the valley that lies at the foot of the Escrambray Mountains is breathtaking. Guava, orange, and lemon trees grow throughout the region, colorfully painting the grassy area with pungent colors. Cuban farmers live scattered throughout the valley growing coffee in the region. I learned that Cuba is known for it’s arabica coffee beans, currently popular among the global coffee industry, so it’s a great destination if you’re a coffee lover.

I remember we stopped on the side of the road to acquire some mangos during our taxi ride to Trinidad. We were surrounded by the lush tropical mountains that are home to waterfalls and streams that flow into the Caribbean ocean.

For those traveling to Cuba interested in outdoor adventures, hiking, and ecology, the Troppes de Collantes offers a change of scenery. The nature reserve is well known for its hiking, jungle landscape, abundance of waterfalls, coffee plantations, and rests in a cooler climate than the rest of Cuba.

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