Cuban Art Outshines Politics

Written by Sophia Bass

In New York Times article, “Cuba Art Outshines Politics,” author Abby Ellin paints a picture of Cuba’s current political and cultural state. As politics among Cuban and American relations continue to shift between the Obama Administration and Trump Era, Cuba has become a fascinating destination for art, music, and culture. This has become evident through museums around the United States and Havana.

In the last year, the Bronx Museum, El Museuo Nacional de Bellas Artes, and Cuban Museum of Natural history all featured visual Cuban artists. In addition, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis attributed to the rising interest in travel to Cuba during the Obama Administration.

Iliana Cepero, professor of Latin American Art and Cuban Culture at New York University states, “Cuba was a cultural center in Latin America from the 50’s to 80’s.” As political tension between Cuban and American relations have been present, the Cuban people have been waiting for a shift in policy for decades. As more Americans have traveled to Cuba in recent years, professors and artists are featuring Cuban art in museums, organizations, and universities to educate the American public on Cuban society and culture.

Art shows are featuring photography, paintings, and portraits of well known performers and political figures throughout Cuba. Professor Cepero wants the exhibitions to portray a realistic image of Cuba. She states, “On the one hand, Cuba is filled with entrepreneurship, music and warm, vibrant people. On the other hand, racism, prostitution and political unrest are rampant.” Cepero wants the public to understand the hardships of the Cuban people, while also finding interest in their art and music.

For more information, check out this New York Times Article


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